Radio Mysteries


Orson Wells on radio

The 1930's - 40's were the heyday of the radio mystery shows, in which bold detectives, dark crimes and eerie settings could be created in the imaginations of radio listeners sitting snug at home in their parlours. Clever scripts, the vocal skills of talented actors and ingeniously devised sound effects swept listeners away to dangerous alleys, windswept cliffs, prison cells, strange laboratories, swamps and haunted houses, all while dedicated cast and crew huddled around a cluster of microphones in a soundproof radio studio, working feverishly from scripts and dropping completed pages on the floor. Orson Welles (pictured to the left) is perhaps the best known of the old time radio drama writer/director/actors, especially for his many episodes of "The Shadow," but Wyllis Cooper and Arch Oboler and others also contributed to the entertainment art form.


Popular Shows:

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Lights Out

The Shadow

I Love A Mystery

Boston Blackie

Dick Tracy

Ellery Queen

The Falcon

The Green Hornet


Jeff Regan, Investigator

Charlie Chan

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